Slackbaba - aşk

I don't ask for money. I don't ask for sexual favors. I don't ask for access to the hardware you design and sell. I just ask for the thing I gave you: source code that I can use myself. ( Linus Torvalds )
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KiLLeR ~ !! Love that mix :-) Can't wait for this next visionary Slackbaba release ~ the years-long wait is totally worth it, jonny .... !! <3

"A melting pot of fluid grooves and swirling psychedelic melodies, blended with a healthy dose of dubby phatness and a touch of the ethnic, Slackbaba's music draws the listener through a labyrinth of pulsing rhythms and mind-altering sonic states. Jonny's debut album on Liquid Records, ‘…and the beat goes om…’ demonstrates his skills of sound manipulation and organic instrumentation with a new take on psychedelic electronica, combining quality production and skilful… read more